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1:1 Lip Filler Masterclass

Wow, what an amazing days training at CISC with Dr Ryan Hamdy. After ensuring my lip anatomy knowledge was on point. We moved to the practical session. I had 5 models each with different issues and desired outcomes; from thinning older lips, to those that disappear when smiling to correcting lip imbalances and restoring the cupids bow or natural lip shape and definition. I learned how to fully assess the entire lip (not just the pink bit that everyone usually focuses on and are most concerned with). This ensures that I am able to fully understand any underlying structural issues that should be corrected first. By understanding the underlying cause allows for appropriate correction and ensures the most natural outcomes and delivering beautifully, natural results.

Some people are concerned regarding PAIN. There's honestlly no need to worry. As a Independent Nurse Prescriber and I prescribe for you an appropriate numbing cream or carry out a Partial Dental Block so, you can be completely comfortable during the procedure.

The photos below are some of the treatments I carried out on the day. I hope you agree these are amazing results. My speciality lies in creating natural lip enhancements that do not leave you looking 'false', 'overdone' or with the 'duck', or 'trout' pout. Please feel free to call or text for more information or to book an appointment. I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Love Amanda x

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