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Anti-Wrinkle Injections aka BOTOX

​Anti-wrinkle injections are the most popular treatment in the UK. They are a quick, safe and simple procedure involving muscle relaxing injections. they are commonly referred to as Botox. 


They are commonly used to treat;

  - Frown - vertical lines between the eyebrows

  - Forehead - horizontal lines

  - Crow's feet - lines around the eyes

They can also be used to treat;

  - Bunny lines - lines on either side of the nose

  - Gummy Smile - visible upper gum when smiling 

  - Chin Dimpling - peau d'orange or orange peel chin

  - Upper lip lines - smokers lines

  - Tip of Nose - Higher or lower

  - Brow Lift - lift the brow to reduce hooding of eyelids

  - DAO's - Reduce a 'sad smile' by upturning the corners of the mouth


Treatment cost:

       1 x Area                                   £150

       2 x Area                                   £180

       3 x Area                                   £210

       Each additional area             £30

Price includes:  2 week review

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