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If you are like the majority of people, you have areas of your face where lines form, (and no we're not talking about queues). These lines appear because we all spend many of the hours of the day contracting the muscles of these line zones, resulting in frown lines across our foreheads, crow's feet radiating from our eyes, and vertical lines between our eyebrows. You're probably not even aware that you're tensing these facial muscles, but you've been doing so all your life - every time you frown, smile, or squint into the sunlight. If this describes you, and there are very few people, if any, that it doesn't, you might want to consider anti-wrinkle treatments. Now while in other areas of the world, they refer to this as face Botox treatments, here in the British Isles, we prefer the more genteel name, anti-wrinkle treatments. But like practitioners who administer face Botox, we use medical needles to introduce muscle relaxing substances into the areas of the forehead and around the eyes wherever smiles and frowns have caused lines and wrinkles.

Perhaps because they are non-invasive, produce fast results, and have very few side effects, anti-wrinkle treatments are one of the most popular skin tightening , procedures not only here in Great Britain, but in countries around the world. We can only speak for ourselves, but when you turn to us to administer anti-wrinkle treatments you can be assured that we only use medically approved, strictly regulated muscle relaxants in exact dosage vials produced in sterile environments as befits the medical procedure that it is.
Yes, our anti-wrinkle treatments are safe and effective, but still we prefer to confer with you prior to administering it. So check out our website and if you think anti-wrinkle treatments are right for you, come in and we'll talk.



At Aluminate Clinic we offer a range of skin peels from very light to medium depth peels.  Our medical grade Skin Peels offer the safest and most effective way to remove rough dull looking skin to reveal healthy glowing tighter skin.





Microneedling is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate your skin from within.  The treatment is painless and a number of different serums can be used to boost the treatment, helping to rehydrate dehydrated skin, vitamin c to brighten dull skin or a combination serum like NCTF which includes 59 active ingredients including peptides which stimulate your skin cells to work more effectively



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Profhilo is a very unique skin remodelling treatment unlike anything else.  its hyaluronic acid base is a super hydrator but, profhilo can help lift sagging skin, airbrush fine lines and wrinkles and tighten skin all without adding volume.



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