Skin Tightening Treatment

  Have You Been Thinking About A Skin Tightening Treatment ?

Is a skin tightening treatment in your future? Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. So, for now, let's say it's a possibility. That's what we tell our patients who complain of saggy skin. Although all our skin tightening methods are safe, painless, and approved by medical authorities, like any other procedure you should never undergo any until you understand what they entail.

The term itself refers to several types of procedures, products, and devices that in order to give skin a more youthful appearance, shrink or lift it. Looking into your options can be confusing since there are many products on the market, and all promise to create amazing results. The best way to start deciding which is best for you is by understanding why your skin is no longer tight.

When talking to patients, we always start by assuring them that there is nothing wrong with them, and that it's perfectly normal for their skin to lose its taut texture over time. Gravity, the aging process, and genetics all play decisive roles over which we have no control, and with each passing year, our bodies produce less and less of the skin's basic building blocks, elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Meanwhile, our ligaments, the support structures for these building blocks begin to weaken. The sum total of all this is why one fateful morning we wake up and look in the mirror and realise our skin has begun to have a sagging appearance.

We then save the day by explaining the whats and whys of the various types of skin tightening treatments that will give them the best results. Depending on the area of the body, they want to improve, we might start with chemical treatments like skin peels which are the least invasive and go on to explain microneedling, dermaplaning, anti-wrinkling treatments, dermal fillers, brow lifts, and hand rejuvenations.

Many of our patients start with skin peels, which as their name suggests causes the skin to peel, revealing new smoother skin underneath. Then they go home to ponder their next step while they enjoy their tighter skin. And this is what we encourage you to do. Meanwhile you can find a discussion of each type of skin tightening treatment we offer on our website.