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Amanda’s Insider Anti-Ageing Tips...

...And the personal journey that means you can trust her advice.

Amanda’s Aesthetic Journey

Those of you who know Amanda might already know something about the personal journey that led her into aesthetics. It’s a journey she’s more than happy to share because it explains why she’s so passionate about her work and the transformative power of aesthetic treatments.

It all began when Amanda was 42 and the photo below left was taken, which prompted her to feel that she needed to do ‘something’ about her face and to restore her confidence which had been waining for sometime. And from there, her journey of aesthetic discovery started, which took her from nervously attending her first an anti-wrinkle injection (botox) appointment with a Nurse colleague where she had her frown, forehead and crows feet treated, all of the way to beginning her aesthetic training in a Harley Street clinic with a consultant plastic surgeon treating his patients under his guidance.

Aged 42 Aged 48

After feeling refreshed and more confident following that first treatment, Amanda was immediately hooked by aesthetics and the results that treatments could achieve and knew the feeling was too good not to share with others, so began her training. And she has never looked back, constantly taking her training forward to stay at the forefront of aesthetic practice. Amanda has completed training in advance botox & dermal fillers, facial assessment of both the male and female faces which includes how to feminise or masculinise the features as well as profile balancing (side on) and cannula training, because it safer & more comfortable for patients. She's also done an extensive amount of training in skin, skin issues and rejuvenation treatments such as skin peels, microneedling, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) also known as the vampire facial, microdermabrasion and Profhilo to name a few. Recently Amanda has undertaken further advanced training in the field of regenerative medicine which looks at restoring the skin's natural collagen matrix through collagenesis or the repairing of DNA. These treatments include the infraorbital (under-eye) region which is always an area patients are concerned about but, are notoriously challenging areas to improve with the use of dermal fillers so, polyneuclotides (DNA repairers) are much safer, deliver better results and are naturally occurring molecules found in nature.

The other area we are getting lots of enquiries about are the bottom and thighs either regarding loss of volume, hip dips and/or cellulite. Traditional fillers in the bottom can look false and don't move like normal tissue and fat transfers known as a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) carry so many risks as well as the significant costs associated with them. So, we are very excited to have found a much safer, more cost effective and natural alternative called Lanluma. Lanluma is a PLLA (Poly L Lactic Acid) which works by stimulating the body to produce more collagen and therefore can improve the contour, shape and look of the bottom, thighs and cellulite. It is also effective in the treatment of skin laxity particularly in the upper arms, décolletage and backs of hands which are all areas that can quickly show our age but, are often overlooked in aesthetic treatments.

Amanda’s Treatment Ethos

Through her training and commitment to continuous learning and more importantly her own aesthetic journey, Amanda understands the ageing process and how it affects us, not just physically but, mentally and emotionally as well which means she understands how treatments can counteract the march of time and improve self or restore self confidence.


A major part of the ageing process that underpins the facial changes we notice is the loss of volume in the face either through bone reabsorption or recession, deep fat pad degradation and skin loosing its elasticity. Replacing this volume, for example, using skilfully placed dermal fillers, therefore results in a naturally restored, youthful look. By replacing volume that you’ve lost in key areas of the face - think jowls, cheeks, under the eyes - you’re simply restoring what you’ve lost, which ensures a natural result that keeps you looking like you, just refreshed and rejuvenated as opposed to the false, frozen and overfilled face of celebrities and many people we see walking down our high streets these days. Good work should be unseen by those who dont know you!


Another area of ageing particularly notable in the face, neck, décolletage and backs of hands is our skin looses collagen and elasticity and the skin cell cycle slows down and they just don't function as effectively as they used too which all leads to increased skin laxity and subsequently more lines and wrinkles. So, rejuvenating the skin is a corner stone of any good anti-ageing management strategy. How can we achieve this? Microneedling naturally stimulates collagen production (and the right kind of collagen at that!), Profhilo, PRP (also naturally occurring), Ellanse are also collagen stimulators. Add to this a medically prescribed, topical skincare which works to speed up the skin cell cycle which improves the skins function and appearance. Amanda gets asked all the time, why choose medically prescribed skincare and not just buy over the counter products? Because she can prescribe higher doses which means they are more effective plus you'll get a tailored treatment plan specific to your skins needs with advise on how to use the products effectively and get the most out of them and you'll be surprised they often don't cost more than 'branded' over the counter products either so, its a no brainer really!


A tailored and individualised treatment plan and ongoing maintenance ensures that we regularly review and renew your treatments so that you continue to look refreshed. Layering over existing products before the previous ones have fully disappeared is they key to maintaining your look and staying that one step ahead of the ageing process. We are just about to introduce our brand new 'savings' plan where you can pay an agreed monthly amount and save towards your planned treatments making it even easier to budget for your treatments. Look out for future emails which will alert you to this and get in contact.

Always natural, never false

Amanda’s understanding of ageing and facial anatomy along with her treatment ethos means that your results will always be natural. In fact, Amanda’s mantra is ‘never false, never over-filled'.Despite the poor examples of treatment that you might have come across (especially on social media or some extreme celebrity examples), by choosing the right filler (or treatment) and placing it in the right place at the right time, your results will always simply enhance your natural features and keep you looking natural.

Amanda’s Expert Step-By-Step Guide to Treatment

Amanda’s primary goal is to help you achieve your optimum results by explaining and educating - but never pressurising - to collaborate with you and agree what you feel is the right treatment plan for you. Although every patient’s needs, concerns and treatment plans are as individual as they are, there are some common steps to the best aesthetic outcomes.

Step 1

First reducing muscle activity using anti-wrinkle injections both softens existing lines and wrinkles and prevents more from developing. Think frown, forehead and crows feet lines. we can also achieve brow lifts with toxin too!

Step 2

Based on consultation and careful assessment, using dermal fillers to replace lost volume and restore the underlying structures. Ensures we replace what you are loosing and restore it back to its former glory ensuring we work with your own unique features and beauty.

Step 3

Your skin truly is your canvas and the best results are achieved when your skin quality is at its best. For maximum impact, this step combines at-home medical-grade skincare alongside in-clinic skin treatments.

At-home skincare:

When it comes to skincare, Amanda loves to recommend her hero go-to products. When she finds something that works, it’s all about spreading the word! So here they are; 1) Obagi Vitamin C (consultation & prescription required) - Great for treating pigmentation and removing free radicals which helps to slow ageing. 2) Clinicare Retinol Day Cream: Retinol is an anti-ageing must have. This product is hydrating, non-greasy and helps to gently resurface your skin. 3) Obagi Retinol or Tretinoin Cream (consultation & prescription required): Depending on which is the best fit for you, both products are amazing for skin resurfacing & improving cell turnover but, good advise on how to use them is paramount. 4) Clinicare SPF30: A good SPF is worth its weight in gold and Amanda really does love Clinicare. This product gives 13 hours of protection, which means you really can apply once and forget about it all day. Its non-greasy formulation also doubles as a skin primer and is excellent for all skin types. Amanda’s pro tip is that SPF in your face cream or foundation is NOT protecting you sufficiently or effectively all day, which is extremely ageing for the skin leading to increased lines and wrinkles. SPF's should be worn EVERYDAY, all year round as UVA rays which are the ageing once are present all year, even when its cloudy!

In-clinic skincare:

Amanda offers a range of in-clinic skin treatments to refresh your skin and boost skin quality

but the one treatment many people haven’t tried but most would benefit from is microneedling. As we age, we lose collagen and elastin, which are the proteins that give our skin structure, strength and that youthful bounce, stretchiness and glow. Microneedling actually encourages collagen and elastin production improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles - and it's not only the face that can be treated but almost anywhere on the body. Its particularly effective in scar revision, including improving acne scarring. better still its a permeant fix too. Amanda's had some real success stories in clinic with this painless, yes PAINLESS treatment. Impressively, current research shows that one microneedling treatment improves collagen levels for 12 months evidenced using ultra sound scanning. And a course of four Microneedling sessions increases collagen by 400%, which is still evident an incredible six months after treatment.

Step 4

Don’t neglect your neck! So often, aesthetic practitioners fail to advise patients of the importance of paying attention to those ‘give away’ areas that can age you, including the neck, décolletage and the back of the hands. As a clinician trained and experienced in a wide range of treatments, Amanda can advise on the best treatments for these areas too.

Feel Assured of Amanda’s Expertise

Amanda loves to be asked about her training and qualifications, as any reputable aesthetic practitioner should be proud to tell you about their credentials - in fact, they’d expect you to ask!

Amanda’s foundation and advanced training in anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers was undertaken with a Harley Street Consultant. And because she loves to further her learning and hone her techniques, she has also undertaken masterclasses in lip augmentation and eye rejuvenation, as well as additional training in facial assessment and complications management to name just a few. In result, when you come to see Amanda, you can be assured that she is making a holistic assessment of your needs and understands the treatments that will complement each other in achieving your best results.

Amanda’s training also extends to specialist skincare and she is trained in dermaplaning exfoliation, microdermabrasion crystal exfoliation and medical-grade skin peels, in addition to microneedling. And, although she was already a qualified Registered Nurse Prescriber, Amanda has undertaken additional training in prescription skincare.

Finally, as well as her Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) registration, Amanda is also a member of The Aesthetics Academy, Private independent Aesthetic Practices Association (PIAPA) and Aesthetic Complication Expert (ACE) Group and has won multiple industry awards for excellence and good practice.

Amanda has also voluntarily submitted her practice to the highest level of scrutiny to achieve Save Face accreditation, which means that every patient undergoing treatment with Amanda is safe in the knowledge that her practice and the Clinic environment have been evaluated and inspected against the most robust standards. Most recently, Amanda has also added Safety in Beaty accreditation to her list of achievements.

Amanda has also been awarded a number of aesthetic industry awards including best aesthetics clinic, Shropshire but, the one she's most proud of is being shortlisted from over 3500 nominees to be one of those selected as a finalist in this year prestigious Safety inBeauty diamond awards, 2022 which will be decided via a public vote and award in December. So, if you've had treatments with her already shed love you take to take a moment to cast your vote!

So, when it comes to aesthetic treatments, Amanda not only has the skills, training and experience to deliver natural looking results to the highest standard but she’s also been where you are - wanting to look and feel your best and making the most of your uniqueness, achieve your best results and feel good in your own skin - and understands how best to help.

“Restore, renew & rejuvenate; never false, frozen or overdone”


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