Medical weight loss programme


What is medical weight loss?

Our Medical weight loss programme is as unique as you are. Medical weight loss involves our medical practitioner supporting you through your weight loss journey.  From your initial consultation to your regular reviews. Following a thorough assessment who will discuss you and your lifestyle, to determine the best weight loss programme for you. Based around your goals, will recommend the programme they think will ensure you reach the aims you came to us to achieve. This could be through prescribed appetite suppressants, natural slimming supplements, nutrition and exercise coaches and regular appointments with our team of in-clinic experts. Your weight loss journey with us couldn’t be simpler and we are here to support you every step of the way. Most importantly, our medical weight loss programmes are completely safe with proven long-term success.You may be advised that a prescription wight loss Pen might be suitable for you. This medication should be taken alongside a healthy, balanced diet and exercise for an effective, long-term weight loss solution.

Are weight loss injections and medication safe, and do they work?

Weight loss injections at Aluminate Clinic are completely safe, all have extensive clinical trials to ensure their safety profile and efficacy. Our prescription weight loss medication and injections are designed to work effectively alongside a sustainable diet plan and regular activity of which we will discuss and advise you as part of your weight loss plan.

What does the medication do?

Some medications suppress or reduce your appetite (not completely take it away), whereas others can limit the amount of fat absorbed by the body. Our doctors will only prescribe weight loss medication that works best alongside your existing medical history and lifestyle.

Why choose Aluminate Clinic for medical weight loss programme?

At Aluminate Clinic, . your care is always overseen by  our experienced weight loss practitioner, who you will regularly meet with during your programme. They will get to know you, your medical history, lifestyle and eating habits.  This to ensure that any medication prescribed for you is effective and meets your individual needs. Most importantly, your Practitioner will be there to support you as well as set personalised, achievable goals.

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I've lost 4lbs in a week and that is still eating like a pig over Christmas

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I managed to loose 15lbs on my first pen and that included a week abroad with unlimited food and alcohol

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I could not believe the scales when it said I had lost 10lbs in two weeks







Medical consultation, personalised plan,

2 & 4 week review & 1st pen                                         £190

Subsequent pens                                                            £150

SlimmerPEN Plus

Medical consultation, personalised plan,

2 and 4 week review & 1st pen                                     £ 240

Subsequent pens                                                            £ 195

Note: all pens require a medical assessment to assess suitability for treatment before a pen can be prescribed

Note: Each pens last approximately 4 weeks.  This varies depending on the dose prescribed and the degree of appetite suppression required