Weight Loss

  Weight Loss Uniquely Formulated For You Can Work Where Others Have Failed.

A youthful appearance is a fine goal to pursue, but if you are carrying too much weight not only can it distract from the results, but it is an unhealthy condition. If you are overweight and concerned about your health and appearance, you may very well have tried to lose a few lbs only to run into roadblocks like a lack of willpower and self-control. Or perhaps you've succeeded only to gain it back. If any of these describe your situation, you may benefit from our medical loss programmes, all uniquely formulated to fit the goals you set with your medical practitioner who will oversee your treatments and support you every step of the way.

Since our weight loss programs begin with a medical assessment we invite you to schedule one so we can discuss what type of weight loss medication will work best for you. And while you're here, you can find out if our clinically trial tested weight loss injections may be an option as well.



At Aluminate Clinic we offer a range of skin peels from very light to medium depth peels.  Our medical grade Skin Peels offer the safest and most effective way to remove rough dull looking skin to reveal healthy glowing tighter skin.





Microneedling is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate your skin from within.  The treatment is painless and a number of different serums can be used to boost the treatment, helping to rehydrate dehydrated skin, vitamin c to brighten dull skin or a combination serum like NCTF which includes 59 active ingredients including peptides which stimulate your skin cells to work more effectively



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Profhilo is a very unique skin remodelling treatment unlike anything else.  its hyaluronic acid base is a super hydrator but, profhilo can help lift sagging skin, airbrush fine lines and wrinkles and tighten skin all without adding volume.



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