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Make this your smoothest Christmas yet!

Look festively fresh - and natural - with our anti-wrinkle treatments.

Can we start by sharing our frustrations?

So many people are wary of anti-wrinkle treatments because of the myths and misconceptions out there. And, of course all the 'bad' work out there that we are all too aware of! But, it really is a shame people are missing out on something that could help them look and feel great because of misinformation.

So, let’s talk about the most common worries people have about anti-wrinkle treatments and bust some myths that might be holding you back from experiencing the benefits.

“I don’t want to look fake, frozen or overdone”

So many first-time patients come to their consultation with these concerns - that anti-wrinkle treatments will leave them looking completely frozen and expressionless and that the results will be obvious and unnatural.

Botox Treatment

But, done properly by a trained, experienced Registered Nurse & Nurse Prescriber like Amanda, anti-wrinkle treatments can smooth lines and give you a refreshed look while leaving you with a natural range of expression. In fact, Amanda’s treatment mantra is “No false, frozen or overdone looks” and

Amanda herself is a fantastic illustration of how aesthetic treatments can rejuvenate and revitalise whilst looking completely natural. You can check out her results on our social media pages @aluminateclinic

“I don’t want to look like people I’ve seen on social media”

We totally understand your concerns because there are so many examples of poor examples of treatment outcomes out there on social media, some celebrity cases (mentioning no names!) and even some people we see on our high streets.

So, at Aluminate, we’re on a mission to change people's perceptions of what anti-wrinkle treatments (and fillers) should actually look like. You should still look like you but, on a good day after a good nights sleep. You'll be able to tell but it'll be our little secret if you choose not to tell anyone else as it will not be glaringly obvious. When it comes to Amanda’s results, people often comment that she looks considerably younger than she actually is (48, shhhhh) as well as ‘refreshed’ and ‘well’. Little does anyone suspect that anti-wrinkle treatments are the difference they’re noticing!

"Does the treatment hurt?"

Don't worry we get asked this one a lot. At Aluminate we use the smallest needles available on the market to deliver the treatment which ensures the procedure is really comfortable. Also as Amanda has worked in Emergency/Urgent care for over 10 years she's had plenty of practice using needles and over that time has developed multiple techniques to minimise the slight discomfort. but, if you're still struggling (which no body does) there is always some numbing cream available near by. So, honestly don't worry, we've got you!

“I don’t know who to trust”

Although anti-wrinkle treatments are one of the most tried-and-tested aesthetic treatments and is both safe and effective, it really is important to make sure that your face is only ever in safe hands. Its your face after all and its precious.

Checking out any practitioner’s training and experience is an absolute must before considering treatment. Amanda is always happy to talk about her credentials as she’s worked hard for them and has gone the extra mile in gaining accreditations that give her patients assurance of her skills and expertise. Amanda is a Registered Nurse and independent Nurse Prescriber, Save Face and Safety in Beauty accredited, as well as a member of the Aesthetics Complications Expert Group (ACE) and registered with the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) and also regularly attends CISC for ongoing training and development.

Another important detail to check out is which anti-wrinkle products practitioners use. There are currently only three (with 2 more coming soon) licensed brands of anti-wrinkle treatment in the UK: Botox, Bocouture, and Azzalure, which are all formulations of Botulinum Toxin.

However, unfortunately, there are lots of clinics in the UK offering treatments with cheap unlicensed brands or imports. So beware of ‘too good to be true ‘ treatment prices, which are a huge red flag in terms of choosing a reputable treatment provider.

“I don’t know what treatment to get/ask for"

So now you have the facts rather than the fake news, what can anti-wrinkle treatments do for you and which concerns can it help with?


If you mention anti-wrinkle treatment, most people think of reduced forehead lines and treatment can help greatly reduce lines in this area, as well as those ’11’ lines or frown furrows between the brows.

Patients who have treatment in this area have often worried that these lines make them look not only older but also give them an angry expression, which they’re relieved to smooth away.

botox anti wrinkle

And forehead and frown lines aren’t the only areas that anti-wrinkle treatment can improve. Anti-wrinkle treatment is great for crow's feet, which means you can give your widest smile without giving away your age! and, dont worry we wont get rid of them completely so you become expressionless.

A less well-known but incredibly rejuvenating use of anti-wrinkle treatment is improving the look of hooded eyelids by creating lift in the eyebrow area.

A further benefit of treatment is that as anti-wrinkle injections work by temporarily reducing the activity of the muscles that cause wrinkles, they not only improve the appearance of dynamic wrinkles but also prevent further wrinkles from developing.

At Aluminate clinic, your first step is always a consultation with Amanda to discuss which treatments could benefit you. Anti-Wrinkle treatments are a prescription medication and as such it is a legal requirement to have a face to face consolation with a registered prescriber. Consultations with Amanda are free and there is absolutely no pressure or obligation to book treatments that you don’t want or need. As a Registered Nurse Prescriber, Amanda will also take a medical history to ensure your suitability for treatment and all treatment is strictly for over 18s only (and as an additional safeguard, anyone under 25 will be asked to provide photo ID).

So there you have it, your need-to-know Aluminate anti-wrinkle guide. And if you still have questions or concerns about treatment, just drop Amanda a line - she’s always happy to advise, educate and reassure.

And if you’d like to be wrinkle-free for Christmas, it’s best to get booking now in order to fit in your consultation and treatment appointments in time for the festive season.

Or, you can also download our Clinic App from the App store or Google Play to book a consultation, manage appointments as well as see any previous treatments you've had. They App also contains a handy link to google maps and will bring you direct to the clinic.

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Helen, H

Everything is carried out in a very professional way. You feel very comfortable having treatments.

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Claire, M

After treatment my forehead lines greatly reduced and my headaches lessened as a side effect.

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Ms Mills

The best things about Aluminate Clinic is the personally tailored service and expert, friendly advise.

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E, Roberts

Fantastic service from consultation through to treatment.  I'd recommend Aluminate Clinic to anyone.


Mrs JC

Extremely relaxing and clean environment.  Owner dedicated to cleanliness and perfection

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