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Sunshine Bottled


Sunshine Bottled is premium, high strength (2000IU) Vitamin D3supplement for the maintenance of healthy bones, immunity, cardiovascular function, brain health, skin health and general wellbeing.

This Vitamin D supplement contains the most bioactive form of vitamin D (D3) in a high strength (2000IU) dose. Vitamin D is best taken in the D3 form (cholecalciferol) as this is the same form that your body makes when it is exposed to sunshine and it has better bioavailability than the D2 (ergocalciferol) form.

Free from: GMO, gluten, dairy & preservatives

Take one tablet in the morning with food.

60 Capsules


Consult your Doctor before starting any supplements to exclude any contraindications.

Should be used in conjunction with a healthy, well balanced diet and regular exercise.

Vitamin D deficiency is currently a major public health problem with over a billion people Vitamin D deficient globally (Hollick MF). In the UK the problem is endemic with 60% of the population currently deficient. Public Health England has now advised that everyone supplement their Vitamin D throughout the year.

Sunshine Bottled is a premium, high strength (2000IU) Vitamin D3 supplement designed to combat vitamin D deficiency. It is made of vitamin D3(cholecalciferol) which is more bioavailable than D2 (ergocalciferol). Vitamin D in the D3 form is approximately 87% more potent in raising and maintaining vitamin D concentrations and produces 2- to 3-fold greater storage of vitamin D than does D2.

Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin but a steroid with hormone like activity. It is known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ and regulates the functions of over 200 genes and is essential for growth and development. It is also protective for the heart, brain, skin and immune system so it is far more than a bone protector, as previously thought.

Your body can make vitamin D in two ways – it can make it from dietary ingestion of Vitamin D rich foods and it can make it through cholesterol and the skin. Vitamin D is naturally available in only a few foods (eggs, fortified cereals, wild caught mackerel, salmon and tuna) so many people just dont get enough through their diet. The skin makes vitamin D from exposure to Ultraviolet B rays (UVB) in sunlight but during the winter months the sun doesn’t contain enough UVB radiation to make Vitamin D. When sunlight reaches the skin its energy turns a form of cholesterol in your skin into vitamin D3.

Despite the duality of being able to make Vitamin D in two different ways, many of us still remain deficient. Your body can only store Vitamin D for about 1 month. So it is very common for Vitamin D levels to slump in almost everyone in the winter months and for Vitamin D production to decrease or stop completely, depending on where you live.

The amount of Vitamin D your skin makes depends on the time of day, latitude, your skin pigmentation levels and other factors. ZENii Sunshine Bottled is the ideal supplement for prevention of Vitamin D deficiency.

A blood test of 25 (OH) D can be done by your Doctor to test for vitamin D deficiency if you are concerned.

(Hollick MF, Chen TC. Vitamin D deficiency a worldwide problem with health consequences. Am J Clin Nutr. 2008;87:10805–68)

Each tablet contains:

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 2000IU (1000% NRV)

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate

Free from: GMO, gluten, dairy, colourings & preservatives.

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