​A lateral brow lift is a procedure that can be very effective for people with mild to moderate brow heaviness due to naturally-dropping eyelids or low-hanging eyebrows. The brow lift  can be done in 2 ways.  The first uses botulinum toxin A, better known as 'Botox'.  A few small injections are placed just under the eyebrow at the outer edges which literally raises the skin tissues surrounding the eyes and the eyebrows, so the natural eyebrow arch is a few millimeters higher. The procedure is relatively painless and can last approximately 10-12 weeks. This is a good add on if you are already having botox treatments for other part of the face such as the frown or forehead lines.


The second is with the use of a dermal filler which replaces the volume the has been or, is being lost. the process is relatively comfortable and results can last 6-12 months.

A combination of both treatments can also be used and does give a very nice result without looking false or overdone.




 Brow lift (Stand alone)  treatment  botox              £150

 added to other Botox treatments                             £30 

Brow lift with dermal Filler                                        £210

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