Bio-Nutri Lift + Bio-Nutri Lips

This is a truly unique rejuvenation procedure which combines a lifting effect with deep and long-lasting hydration.

These days we all want that flawless looking, youthful skin that is firmer and more hydrated.  To achieve this the skins quality and texture is paramount and affects the overall youthful glowing look we are after. Simply 'filling' lines and wrinkles is not enough, we want to achieve firmer, radiant, youthful glowing skin as well.  


The Bio-Nutri Lift and Bio-Nutri Lips combine 2 amazing products; Filorga's ART FILLER which is a hyaluronic acid gel to smooth superficial wrinkles and gives an immediate lifting effect while the NCTF 135HA, is a highly complementary poly-revitalising solution which provides the dermis with the elements required to reboot collagen and elastin fibre synthesis. Together they help densify the dermis and improves the skin quality. These two products give brilliant results when used independently, but together they are dynamite.


Both of the Bio-nutri protocols are innovative in that, they not only activate the dermal rejuvenation process, they also support it by providing essential nutrients which have a long-term effect.

The BIO NUTRI LIFT protocol works well not only on the face but is suitable for revitalising and plumping the backs of the hands which is an area that tends to become thin and skeletal and can give your age away more easily. 

– Fillmed by Filorga –

“For over 30 years Laboratoires Filorga has been providing specialized solutions to combat skin ageing. Today, Filorga has become a leading provider of anti-ageing solutions for both the medical profession and general consumers. Filorga prides itself on providing cutting-edge non surgical anti-ageing solutions that include line fillers, polyrevitalising injections (NCTF®), peeling and photo-stimulation (LED). We know that the best results depend on highly effective procedures that associate the right products with the right techniques: this is our key strength. Our products are world-class, developed by a scientific committee of internationally renowned experts (physicians, pharmacists, biologists, cosmetologists). Our aesthetic medicine products are currently sold on sixty markets across the globe.” Didier TABARY, President of Laboratoires Filorga.

So what is NCTF..?

Its a New Cellular Treatment Factor that contains more than 50 ingredients including; Hyaluronic acid, the queen of moisturising, plus vitamins, minerals, amino acids, co-enzymes and anti-oxydants which are all designed to feed and revitalise the skin and bring it back to life.  It will also even out skin tone, improved a dull complexion, as well as minimise pores, improve fine lines and wrinkles.

Will it hurt?

No, not really.  The treatment is carried out via 4 small needle entry points, 2 each side of the face.  From here a very thin, flexible, rounded ended (hence why it doesn't really hurt) tube, known as a cannula.  the cannula is then used to 'thread' the products in a fan shape across the face under the skin. This technique creates vectors of force that create the lifting effect

When will I see the results?

Immediately.  You will see an immediately lifting and smoothing effect. Your skin texture and quality will improve over the following 4-6 weeks.

Will I look false or done afterwards?

The results obtained are very natural-looking: the skin texture and quality are visibly improved without any added volume, the complexion is more even, and the skin is more radiant and firm!

Will I need more than 1 treatment?

For best results 2 treatments, 3 months apart, delivers optimum results.

Will the treatment need to be maintained?

it is recommended to have 1 treatment either 6 monthly or every 12 months as your prefer.                                                                                 

Face or Neck - 1ml Fine lines + 3ml NCTF                           £250

Face - 1.2 ml Universal + 1ml Fine lines + 3ml NCTF          £350                    

Face - 1.2ml Universal + 1ml Fine lines + 6ml NCTF           £400

Face or Neck - 3ml NCT                                                           £60

Face or Neck - 6ml NCTF                                                       £120

Lips - 1ml Fine Lines + 3ml NCTF                                          £250

Hands -   1ml                                                                            £250

Neck - 2ml Fine lines + 3ml NCTF                                         £350

Décolletage -  price following consultation

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Helen, H

Everything is carried out in a very professional way. You feel very comfortable having treatments.

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After treatment my forehead lines greatly reduced and my headaches lessened as a side effect.

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The best things about Aluminate Clinic is the personally tailored service and expert, friendly advise.

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E, Roberts

Fantastic service from consultation through to treatment.  I'd recommend Aluminate Clinic to anyone.


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Extremely relaxing and clean environment.  Owner dedicated to cleanliness and perfection