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Beauty Fusion


Beauty Fusion is the ultimate daily supplement for skin health & beauty. It is a premium combination of Marine collagen, Hyaluronic acid, MSM, CoEnzyme Q10, Biotin, Green Tea and Multivitamins & minerals.

It has been designed to deliver all of the micronutrients that the skin needs on a daily basis to sustain and replenish itself. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is physiologically active replacing itself every 4-6 weeks. It has a huge requirement for nutrients and cellular support. No skin cream can substitute for what the blood can bring to the skin in terms of cellular nutrients, vitamins & minerals

Drink 15ml per day with a meal. Can be take as a shot or can be mixed with juices, smoothies and food.


Keep refrigerated once openedDiscard after 60 days if not consumed

Beauty Fusion is a 15ml liquid shot that is the ultimate daily supplement for skin health & beauty. It is a beauty superfood packed full of the essential micronutrients that the skin, hair & nails need on a daily basis.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and is highly proliferative and dynamic. It has a constant physiological turnover and exists in a state of continual replenishment with a huge need for micronutritional support. We know that what we eat has a direct impact on the skin with micronutrient deficits affecting the quality, hydration and appearance of the skin. Nothing can substitute for what the blood supply can bring to the skin in terms of nutrition, vitamins & minerals.

Beauty Fusion is a way to ensure that the skin gets the vital building blocks it needs to stay healthy & radiant. Its your insurance policy against deficiency and depletion and will ensure that your body gets what it needs to nourish from within.

Beauty fusion uses the highest grade marine collagen (Types 1 & 3) hydrolysed peptides. Hydrolysis is a process where the collagen is broken down into small, bioavailable chains for improved absorption and utilisation by the body. Hydrolysis is key to this advanced formulation.

It also contains MSM, Hyaluronic acid, biotin, coenzyme Q10, grapeseed & green tea as well as your daily vitamins and minerals. In short it is everything you need for skin health & beauty.

This beauty formula is ideal for adding into smoothies & juices or can be taken as a 15ml daily shot.

Help fight collagen deterioration and free radical attack with this premium collagen,MSM, hyaluronic and vitamin & mineral infusion.

Free From: GMO’s, gluten, lactose, nuts, eggs, soy, artificial colours & preservatives

Container is BPA free. Made under GMP manufacturing standards.

Allergy warning: Contains FISH

Key Ingredients:

Marine collagen (Type 1 & 3) 2000Daltons
Hyaluronic Acid
Green Tea
Grapeseed extract
Vitamin D3
Vitamin C
Vitamin B complexes


Serving size 15ml daily
Orange flavoured

Vitamin 8 800mcg (100% DRI)
Vitamin C 120mg (200% DRI)
Vitamin D3 5mcg (100% DRI)
Vitamin E 12mg (100% DRI)
Vitamin B1 5m (450% DRI)
Vitamin B2 5mg (358% DRI)
Vitamin B3 16mg (100% DRI)
Vitamin B6 5mg (358% DRI)
Vitamin B9 400mcg (200% DRI)
Vitamin B12 20mcg (200% DRI)
Vitamin B7 5000mcg (10000% DRI)
Vitamin B5 20mg (333% DRI)
Zinc 3.5mg (32.5% DRI)
Copper 500mcg (50% DRI)
Calcium 13mg (100% DRI)
Magnesium 3mg (100 DRI)
Choline L Btartrate 6mg
MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) 500mg
Hyaluronic acid 125mg
CoQ10 (ubiquinone) 5mg
Hydrolysed collagen (fish) 1000mg
Aloe vera 125mg
Green tea powder 125mg
Grapeseed powder 125mg
PABA 3mg
Silica 7mg
Equisetum arvense
72 Trace minerals

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